Hello again.

It's Friday evening. I'm under the covers in my AEHNA 2004 faded and paint-stained olympic t-shirt and boxers while M is turned away from me reading Little House on the Prairie. I just put away my checkbook and my credit card after paying the month's bills. The neighbors are having a party and there's occasional loud thumps of drunken stumbles, but it's quiet enough in here, even with our strange interior-facing bedroom window open.

I just tried to fill out Tim Ferriss' "DREAMLINING" doc on CODA. I say tried, because I couldn't think of things I want, really. A full set of fresh and soft Unis t-shirts, all the neutral shades. A solid and dependable compact point-and-shoot (film) . . . Honestly, could buy both of these things without too much of a dent, but I try to rein myself in. Maybe that's the point of the exercise though? To let loose and be logical. Goals are within reach.

Went climbing on Wednesday with Z. The tendons in my forearms are buzzing whenever I squeeze my hands.


I got caught up trying to find someone to repair my Yashica T-4 and fell asleep. Now it's the afternoon, Saturday, and we just finished watching Elf and wrapping some presents. Been admiring the Ricoh GR II digital as a possible alternative to another compact film camera. Maybe, maybe. But it's gifts for others I should be thinking about.

OK gotta wrap this up now, headed to the gym. And then M's parents' house for Surf & Turf.

Three things I'm thankful for?

-A glass of good wine (to come) -Smooth coffee (tomorrow morning plan to stop at Philz) -Rainy afternoon listening to Beach Boys