Sunday Bookbinding

It's the third day of February, Superbowl Sunday. I spent it making books in Hyattsville. Four hours on a small, 80pp, French-link hardcover. Wrapped the case in a nice forest green linen, and had some bright yellow ends marbled with gooey blobs of blue. Head and tail bands ended up coming out a bit warped and it was a slow process, but not bad for my first time with most of the process.

The second book I made was a black softcover long-stitch with red thread. A fun little one I should try to make again this week for practice.

I wonder how cheap / easy it is to get pre-cut book board to size. To investigate.


Idea for book:

A little blue book of Haiku: blue cloth, blue thread, blue Crown Mill superfine, quiet&icy wintry lines


Spent yesterday planning Jun's bachelor party in Vienna, then bouncing around having drinks with different folks. It's been a very active month for me. Manic with my hobbies -- cameras, bookbinding, climbing, reading. 'Analog social media,' as Cal Newport calls it.

Just this week I got the Rollei Prego Micron, Mamiya C330 TLR, Yashica EM TLR . . . Old roll in the Canon AE-1 program I have to learn to develop myself - a new challenge being that it's in color.


Reading-wise, Early Work was just about the weirdest reading experience of my life. Old friends rendered beautifully by a stranger.