President's Day

Today is President's Day, and I spent the afternoon rock climbing with Z. Added a few minutes of planks, ab-ripping bicycle kicks, and crunches at the end. Tomorrow I'll probably have trouble sitting up in bed.

Now G and I are listening to an old Drums record we both don't remember ever buying.


Wednesday I fly home to Miami for a week. Excited to chill with Emi and for the photo opportunities this presents. I've been getting much more prolific with my shooting, not taking it so precious as I used to. I shot 3 rolls this weekend -- one color at a nearby stream, two b&w pushed to 3200 at K+R's. Developed the b&w yesterday (and managed to stain the bathtub with fixer) but since I'm out a scanner, it's pretty tricky to know if there's anything good on there yet.


Recent Reveries:

-Renting an old farmhouse twenty minutes outside Charlottesville and taking that sweaty serenity to putz with a novel all summer along, crickets and cicada song as the backing to growing frustration.

-Getting a Mamiya 6 and 50mm lens and taking a trip to visit Luzmila again. Shoot the mountainsides, parque de la pensamiento, and the nevado ruiz.