Pick me

Tonight's my first night in the Eagle's Nest, and so of course I've got to write something. Anything.

When I was younger I had such curiosity about death and feeling, and reverence for writing, that I could never keep a diary because the thought of writing down just the common things was so disdainful.

But now I love Wittgenstein. I feel like I can read interesting things between the lines of quotidian details. Also, I do this in part to sharpen my memory. I've forgotten my own pin number, when it hadn't changed. I can rarely immediately recall what I did over the weekend when asked. So may as well start with the basics:

Breakfast: A coffee and donut from the coffee bar on Acton. I suppose that's probably the last time I'll go there.

Lunch: In 'n Out outside the San Jose airport, after a semi-pointless drive to Santa Cruz.

Dinner: Whole foods sushi and a box of 'cheezy' kale chips, eaten at the self-healing mat on the computer desk.

I drove to the whole foods FaceTiming Jun and shopped showing him and discussing each product as I'd take it from the shelves. I was going to let him watch the honey roasted peanuts get ground up but it was too many things to carry all at once. I thought about what it would be like if you had a buddy in jail, but your buddy had an iPhone, and so you'd FaceTime to take him out in the world, or just sit down and point it at the TV so you could watch together.

It's hot as crap. Maria's going to spend the night Tuesday so I should probably go get a box fan or else she'll be turning over all night sweating like a hot dog.

There are certain things that I can fix that, for a combination of meekness and laziness, I don't fix unless they will impact others. Then I fix things up nice. Pick me for yr tribe.