Good afternoon.

Coronavirus is here, and social distancing is in full effect. Because of the potential vulnerability of loved ones, M and I are in full hermit mode. Under the espresso maker are several stacks of cans and bags of pasta. In the fridge, mounds of things.

I spent the morning eating breakfast tacos and watching the SC2 IEM Championships. Once again Maru let us down, and Serral too. Too bad they didn't have a match for 3rd place. There's so little StarCraft content these days. Give the people what they want, will ya? There are dozens of us.

I spent the last while listening to John Fahey and soaking in Raymond Depardon's photo book Manicomio, which features photographs of various psychiatric institutions and asylums in Italy in the late 70s. So many smoky interiors lit with horizontal light, little arrangements of people. Given the subjects, you'd think that the book would come smashing down on you. But it's actually a very gentle, restrained book, stylistically speaking. At least that's how it felt today. The ill splay out nude in the courtyards on hot days. The handsome doctors smoke and confer. Openness in closed spaces.

Mourning doves still nesting on the window sills. One in the office here with me, the other behind the semi-opaque glass of the bathroom.