Last Night in Miami

It's my last night in Miami before the New Year. I've had the week off work-- really, truly off work -- and I couldn't ask for a better reset than enjoying the company of my family, in particular my freshly-minted niece.

I'm wearing a pair of Airpods and my new FitBit and feeling frankly a bit ridiculous. But I'm going to shrug that away.

There. Sloughed it off.


What's something I learned today? That Scaramucci is Italian for a swordfighter, a little Skirmisher, and relates to the braggart character in operas. So the Mooch fulfilled the destiny of his namesake in a way that makes you think, man, perhaps this is all a simulation.

What did I do today? Cleaned up the Caja China, the back porch, the shed.

What did I read/watch? I saw THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD. And it was beautiful, affecting, and a technological marvel.

Now I'm going to read some MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION before bed.