Labor Day Weekend

Maria is coming into town this week. She'll be here Friday.

I want to go down to Mt. Tamalpais when she's here, see the views, get so tired climbing up bends after her that all my nervous energy will be burned away. It'll be Labor Day weekend and the trails will be crowded but I don't mind. Afterwards we could take a cool shower. My bathroom here is like a spa, lined with stone that Jonathan says is from Iran. Illegally imported, the same kind of stone they used to build the pyramids. We can rinse off listening for the woodpecker.

I've got a small projector set up in my bedroom my nook now where we can watch Netflix at night after a hike. Or in the morning, we can lounge through the pale outline of an old action film on the wall on Sunday morning. Low volume explosions as the coffeemaker bubbles in the makeshift kitchenette.

It'll be good.