Killing Time

I just finished Don Paterson's Best Thought, Worst Thought, which contains the line: "Writers can redeem a wasted day in two minutes; alas this knowledge leads them to waste days like no one else."

This morning, I was stupendously productive sipping on too-hot coffee at Emma's. I got half of what I wanted to get done today out of the way so quickly that I packed it in and went back home to kill half the afternoon.

Side note: I called it Emma's, but really, they rebranded and they call the place Nectar Cafe or some crap now. I always hated how my dad called the Marlin's stadium Joe Robbie Stadium when it was, in my years, called Pro Player Stadium. I didn't know he could forget that, or be so attached to the prior name. Now I'm a lazy originalist like him. And Joe Robbie stadium is on its 7th idiotic name in 30 years.

In Best Thought, Worst Thought, I liked the line about how one is closer to a guitar than any other instrument, and how Orpheus, the first tragic singer-songwriter type, may have come to realize, mid-descent in his rescue mission down to hell, that he had all the company he actually needed in his instrument.