It's another Sunday evening in isolation, and the bathroom tub faucet is steadily dripping away. I ordered a new set of washers and o-rings, but they won't be here for another day or two. The sound is a bit crazy-making.

I had a great Easter with M. We spent it watching The Fellowship of the Ring and hanging out in her parent's backyard, eating sandwiches, practicing our golf swing, and staying six feet from the family. Taking advantage of a momentary lull in the afternoon I got her good with a cascaron.

For dinner we had oven-baked cod topped with breadcrumbs. It came out really great. One benefit of this isolation is I'm getting considerably more comfortable in the kitchen, and a bit more adept as a result. Salmon and scallops and steak will follow later in the week, but tomorrow will need to be leftovers: fricase and picadillo.