Nighttime rolling in through the slits in my blinds. New room, new neighbors, new bed.

Last night was K's birthday, and I spent all night squeezing my friends. There is a lack of masculine camaraderie in my life. Masculine energy. Girlfriend, mother, sister, co-workers, boss. I am drinking of the feminine all the time. Last night, I was gripping thighs and chests and batting people on the back. It was nice. Used to be either Jun or Diego would wind up in my bed after a long night getting out of our heads. Perhaps I miss that.

I wake up every morning with a headache, dehydrated from the space heater feet from my bed. But the alternative is not to sleep, or to be frighteningly cold, so I make do.

Today I built a bunch of ikea furniture and stacked my books.

I made a nook for myself to read in.

I have not been reading, so maybe this little bower gifted to my laziness will make something happen.