Books I'm reading, Books I've ordered

Good evening.

Been reading Henry James' Washington Square this week while in self isolation this week, and bouncing between all the different books I'm editing for work of course. Usually when I read James I get a little drunk with the length of his sentences and start writing and thinking like that after, but somehow this book isn't quite so decadent as that. The Ambassadors is where it's at for that, I guess.

I ordered a few books by Stephen Gill the other day, though given everything going on who knows when I'll receive them. Was immediately struck by his work but have been hesitant to read around them or find out more until I get to experience them firsthand. Definitely seems like I'm late to the party with him and I don't want to get my experience muddled with all the talk going round about him. I'd like to meet the work for myself. That said, from the little I know, it seems like there's a real similarity with Daisuke Yokota's work. And that alone is kind of thrilling.