Almost Spring but No Spring Chicken

Hello there. Thanks to Brat, I am back up and running here.

I am resting in bed next to Maria. The sun's out - it's one of the most beautiful afternoons in a long time. Spring is almost here. Coronavirus is spreading and everywhere is sold out of hand sanitizer.

We spent all day yesterday switching beds. Rented the UHaul, dragged our bed down to the dump, picked up the one M's parents were giving us. M's dad helped a ton. To try to help pay him back for all the effort, we worked on clearing out the garage with him for a couple hours this morning. My back is sore, but the breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas and dabs of Melinda's hot sauce were greatly revitalizing.

Last night we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and were out late. Ramen, sake, billiards. One of the girls at dinner paid for the whole group. The simple kind gesture honestly felt quite grand.

Later I awoke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and when I saw at myself in the mirror I was struck by how gaunt I appeared. My eyes looked sunken, massive bags beneath them. A good night's rest and of course I'll be right as rain, but it was a piercing moment of age nonetheless.