I'm in Miami sitting on the back porch of my mother's house with my MacBook and a half-drunk kombucha. I don't drink much kombucha, and the »

Notes for a Novel

Invent a history. Character finds a document, unearths a book, and in it reads a real history alongside a fake one. Real history grounds. Fake history »

Shampoo and Body Soap

I'm staying with a coworker for the next three weeks while I work on some books that have come crashing in for Fall. He's a short »


I'm at R's place in West Hollywood. Wherever I end up, I stay at the home of someone who's cell phone number begins with (305). My »

woodpecker pt.2

I am so tired! But I can't sleep! My eyes are drooping. My head swirls. My stomach is empty. I am manic. I'm going out to »